every storm runs out of rain

So glad walking dead is back.

Got bored so decided to curl my hair!!!

Throwin it back early to last year when I was Erkal for Halloween 🎃👻😝👔👓


Saturday morning sunrise, and seeing 5 things come screeching down the sky at the same direction very strange. ☀️🌅✈️ (at Lamont Odett Vista Point)

This kid here honestly has the biggest heart and cares so much about people, I know we weren’t so close but this past year if I ever needed some words of encouragement or needed someone to talk to I could always talk to him and you know how to make me laugh and feel better you are such a amazing friend. Miss you and hope when you are home we can hang out @warrbrown

I can’t wait for it to start snowing and go boarding, I’m definitely having withdrawals. ❄️☁️🏂 #lastseason #cantwait #mthigh #bigbear #snowsummit #mammoth #fuckinjuries #snow #shredding #coldweather #fundrives   (at Mt High)

7am in Lancaster, a rainy morning ☔️☁️❄️

Just starting my life now, don't really know what is in store but i am ready to face it heart and soul on. I am just keeping my mind and heart open to the future.